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Robyn James MNIMH

Medical Herbalist

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Robyn is a highly experienced herbal practitioner and herbal educator. She has been in practice as a medical herbalist in Sheffield since 1998. Her particular interest is in the use of herbs to treat hormone problems, especially thyroid imbalance.

Robyn is the former programme leader for the Open University BSc(Hons) Herbal Medicine course at Lincoln College and the current President of her professional body, the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.

Robyn is available for online appointments on Wednesdays. Face to face appointments are sometimes available, also on Wednesdays, please call the shop to enquire.

Carol Burnett MNIMH

Medical Herbalist

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"I have great faith in the capacity of the human body and mind to heal itself, and in the power of herbs to assist this process.

I have used herbs for both First Aid situations and chronic conditions with great success and know them to be powerful and effective medicine. I get a lot of satisfaction from helping someone take charge of their health whether that means solely using herbs of integrating their use with prescribed medicines and the work of other health care professionals

I was lucky enough to study for a BSc in Herbal Medicine at Lincoln University and have been a full time Herbalist ever since. To me being an Herbalist is a way of life not just a career and includes growing and gathering from the wild many of the herbs that I use to make the tinctures, teas and creams that I use in practice."

Carol is available on Tuesdays for online consultations only.

Joy Holmes RN BSc (Herbal Medicine)

Medical Herbalist

Before joining the Nether Edge Herbarium Joy had a successful 28 year career as a Nurse. She now runs her private practice from north Sheffield and has joined the Nether Edge team as one of our face to face Herbalists.

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"I believe the traditional approach of using plant medicines along with positive lifestyle changes can be a sustainable, accessible and empowering journey to wellness. We have used plants to help us for thousands of years, we don't have to stop because we now have modern medicine, integrating the two offers us the opportunity to engage with ourselves and what is ailing us in a mindful way. Herbal medicine seeks to treat the person with a condition, the herbal consultation offers me the opportunity to get to the heart of health issues by having time to ask questions and listen, it's what makes the medicine so individual to each and every patient."

Joy enjoys the variety of being a general herbalist and has an interest in helping women with attention deficit disorder.<./p>

Joy is available on Wednesdays and some Mondays for face-to-face appointments only

Melvin Timm


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"Acupuncture is well known for pain relief and is used for much more as well. This includes a wide range of physical problems and also emotional or mental health issues. My acupuncture incorprates different styles. I learnt TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine - a Chinese Communist invention) at college, and have since learnt different methods. I adapt my needling technique to suit the client - some like it heavy and others much lighter. I gauge this as I'm working.

Mel is available for appointments on Mondays and Fridays and sometimes other days, please call for more info.

Faye O'Donoghue

Medical Herbalist

Faye qualified as a medical herbalist BSc (Hons) in 2017 and has been working with herbs since that time as well as qualifying and working as a massage therapist elsewhere in Sheffield.

“Plants and people have evolved side by side for millennia in deep symbiosis with one another. Herbs have always been a crucial part of human healthcare and can be worked with to alleviate issues ranging from a first aid to chronic illness and autoimmunity of various sorts.

Exploring an individual’s pattern of symptoms, as well as charting their lifestyle and timeline of health and wellbeing, can give clues to a trained herbalist as to what the underlying causes of illness may be. Consultations involve working with the client to try to make sense of their health journey, culminating with the setting of goals and development of a plan for the medicine, which will then be specifically created in accordance to their needs.”

Faye is available on Thursdays and Fridays for face to face appointments only

Megan Hatto

Biodynamic Craniosacral

Currently on maternity leave

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"I first came into contact with craniosacral therapy in 2014 after a long history of physical complaints and anxiety. Having tried a huge range of different therapies I’ve found that craniosacral has been the most beneficial and supportive.

Through my background in dance and movement I have experienced many forms of bodywork, and my work with Marina Collard, a dance artist and biodynamic craniosacral therapist, inspired me to train as a therapist myself.

The impact of this therapy has been influential and transformative, and continues to support me in finding a centred, grounded and stable lifestyle, allowing me greater insight into myself and my history, and a deepening understanding of the state of others.

Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle treatment for both client and practitioner. It is a beautiful way to be with another human, to be able to meet them non verbally, non judgmentally, exactly where they are at that moment in time. This in itself can be a great facilitator of healing."

Kate Sheridan

Sports and
Remedial Massage

Kate first became interested in healthy living and complementary therapies including massage and herbal medicine whilst still at school, but initially went into teaching before deciding to follow her heart and qualify in therapeutic massage and clinical aromatherapy in 1998. Kate has been practicing deep tissue massage and aromatherapy since 1999, and has a BTEC level 5 diploma in Remedial and Sports Massage from the well regarded London School of Sports Massage.

Kate also has a health sciences degree in Medical Herbalism and practiced for a few years before deciding to focus on massage; she still enjoys exploring herbs and their uses. Kate has experience treating a wide range of clients and conditions, including people experiencing chronic or acute pain and restricted movement; people looking to relax and reduce muscular tension; and people looking to improve their sporting performance. In sport and performance Kate has experience treating, amongst others, climbers, runners, cyclists, athletes and aerialists.

Kate attends courses and events to keep up-to-date and develop new skills and knowledge. Her latest CPD is with the Joanne Elphinston Movement System which aims to improve movement and performance in everybody, developing greater ease, self awareness, movement efficiency and balance; Kate has completed levels 1 and 2 and integrates the assessment and exercises into her practice. Kate is a fully insured member of the Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage.

Kate is available for appointments on Tuesday afternoons and alternate Saturdays

Renata Gargala

VTCT Level 3 in Complementary Therapies (2012)
FHT Level 1 and 2 in Tahi Yoga Massage (2022/23)
Reiki 1 and 2 (1999)

I have been practicing massage now for over 13 years and in this time I have dealt with hundreds of clients from different age groups, ethnicities and with varying needs and conditions. There is one purpose in my practice, and that is to bring every individual to a place of ease, balance, and relaxation. I have had plenty of positive feedback from my clients and I always try to maintain the utmost professional manner when conducting a massage. I am committed to satisfying the needs of my clients in a safe and welcoming manner and am continually updating my knowledge to provide the best possible service to all.

Therapies Offered

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  • - Thai Yoga Massage
  • - Swedish Body Massage
  • - Aromatherapy
  • - Reflexology
  • - Reiki

Renata is available for appointments on Tuesday mornings