Mother and Baby Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle and non - invasive technique which makes it a great way to work with expectant mothers, babies and young children.

I offer sessions to pregnant women and mothers and babies after birth. The body goes through huge changes during pregnancy which can be experienced in many ways, and birth, whilst beautiful and profound, can be a very stressful and traumatic experience for both mother and baby. Craniosacral therapy supports your body's natural healing abilities.

Treating mother and baby together helps support the unique bond between parent and child, nurturing the emotional and physical connection between them. We create a safe and relaxed environment and babies are often treated in their mothers lap or whilst feeding

Common reasons for bringing a baby to a session are; difficult births, sleep and feeding issues, colic, constipation, irritability, and difficulty settling.

A session is an hour long, We start by talking through why you’ve come and identifying your needs. Then often treat the baby first and finish the session with a treatment for mum.


”After the birth of my daughter I was concerned that my lack of acceptance of our birth process would negatively affect our relationship and my ability to be the best mother I could. Even after just a couple of sessions with Megan I feel more accepting of what happened whilst giving birth even though it didn't go 'to plan' and this acceptance has really helped improve my bond with my daughter who was present during the sessions, although I was being treated. I would thoroughly recommend craniosacral therapy with Megan to any new mothers.” Naomi

“Megan gave me some cranio when I was having a difficult third trimester and me and the baby relaxed instantly. It helps us both calm down and left me feeling much more ready for labour.” Amy

Photos by Simon Dumpleton