Wellness Advice and Health Coaching

Do you feel that you need to take steps to improve your health?

Our practitioners will take the time to talk through your diet, lifestyle, personal stresses and medical history. We will take a thorough case history, and if necessary carry out physical examinations such as taking blood pressure. If indicated, we may refer you for blood tests, urine tests or other assessments. We will then work with you to analyse your current state of health in order to put together a plan for the future.

Our suggestions may include:

• Herbal and other natural remedies

• Nutritional supplementation

• Lifestyle changes

• Dietary changes

We are all qualified health practitioners with at least degree-level training in herbal medicine, including training in nutritional advice, clinical examination skills and analysis of blood and urine tests. We use both modern and traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment that encompass physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

What to expect. The initial consultation takes up to 90 minutes. Subsequent consultations, if needed, are around 45 minutes.