Marc Bennett


What to expect from a Reflexology treatment

The treatment is mostly carried out with thumbs, fingers and knuckles but sometimes I also use warm basalt stones to heat specific areas. During the first consultation a thorough examination of the feet will be carried out, to assess the best treatment process. Whilst I work on one foot or hand, the other will be covered to keep warm. We can use either silence or gentle music as a background.

A full reflexology treatment lasts for approximately one hour [about half hour each foot]. You will remain fully clothed, simply removing shoes and socks.

About Marc

Since qualifying in Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage Marc has worked and continues to study as a holistic practitioner.

Over the last couple of years he has developed his passion for Reflexology which is his primary therapy and partners this with his interests in energy healing. He found great success working in Matlock, Derbyshire but has decided to bring his skill and technique back to his home city of Sheffield.

Marc has acquired his clients in the past solely by word of mouth due to his friendly, gentle though professional approach to his work. He is VTCT qualified to Level 3 in Reflexology and is always building on his knowledge base, learning and adapting new techniques.