Nutritional Therapy Clinic

HCPC registered practitioner psychologist, clinical psychologist and accredited CAT practitioner.

Nutritional Therapy Clinic

Nutrition forms the building blocks of every part of your body’s functions; it is the primary energy that keeps you going and fuels repairs when things go wrong, so eating a balanced and wholesome diet is really important for al life stages and health. It can also be use alongside conventional treatments and other complementary therapies for optimum health.

Nutritional Therapy is a drug free, non invasive therapy that takes into account the individual’s nutritional needs and promotes health through tailored dietary guidance.

Nutritional guidance can offer help with:.

*Diabetes * Digestive Issues *Weight Management *High Blood Pressure

* High Cholesterol *Food Intolerances *Hormonal Issues *Recovery/Support For Illness

Nutrition (and lifestyle) approaches to healthcare have been shown to support good health, so whatever your reason, or life stage you can always exploring a better relationship with food.

‘You Are What You Eat’ Victor Lindlahr

Further information about how diet affects health can be found on the NHS website, the World Health Organisation website and on The British Medical Journal (BMJ) online.

Please Note: Nutritional Therapy is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment from your GP.