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About the Shop

At our shop at 253 Sharrow Vale Road we have a herbal dispensary open to the public, where the practitioners are available to give advice on self-treatment and all issues relating to the use of herbal medicines.

To see how to find us and to view our opening hours, click here.

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We stock over 200 different herbal medicines and products, supplied as liquid tinctures, floral waters, fluid extracts, juices, syrups and oils; in dried form as herbal teas and powders, including special blends; and as capsules, tablets, pessaries and suppositories. For external use, ointments, creams, oily rubs and lotions can be made up on the premises. We also supply specially selected ranges of essential oils, nutritional supplements, books and seasonal gifts.

Our skincare range

We offer a high-quality range of natural skincare products, such as soaps, shampoos, cleansers, moisturisers, massage oils, bath oils and many more. Alternatively, you can buy the raw materials, such as kaolin and cocoa butter, to make your own toiletries and skincare products using our own recipe booklet.

Too many companies use the words 'natural', 'herbal', and 'cruelty-free' to promote their products, which often contain more synthetic chemicals than herbs. Our genuine commitment to natural, high-quality organic products is appreciated by customers who are concerned for the well-being of their families and the environment, as well as by those suffering from an ever-increasing range of allergies, skin sensitivities and health problems.

Why use herbs from Alton & James?

Many modern drugs are based on plants. But when a pharmaceutical company formulates a new drug from a plant source, they extract and concentrate a single ingredient, and then synthesise it in a laboratory so that it can be mass-produced. Even the herbal remedies sold by health food stores are often in this concentrated, 'standardised' form.

Our training and experience as professional medical herbalists have convinced us that it is better to use the plants in as natural a form as possible. Our herbal remedies and other products are of the highest quality, avoiding synthetic additives and chemical processing wherever possible.

Quality and ethical policy

Our public dispensary sells the same herbs and herbal preparations that we prescribe for our patients, and we aim for the highest possible quality for our remedies. Wherever possible, this means buying organic dried herbs and preparations from high-quality small suppliers, mostly run by other professional herbalists. However, certain herbs can be difficult to source at the high standards we insist on, which means that prices and types of preparation may vary from time to time.


The Granary, Kent - home of Granary Herbs, one of our small scale, high-quality, suppliers.


We have an ethical policy to avoid the use of wild-collected herbs from endangered species, such as Golden Seal (Hydrastis canadensis), and can advise customers on the use of alternatives that are not threatened with extinction. For herbs that are imported from developing countries, we actively seek suppliers with strong policies against the exploitation of the indigenous people who gather the herbs. If this is not possible, we may choose not to stock certain herbs - please ask for advice on alternatives.

We are opposed to animal testing, and the vast majority of our product range is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

Marigolds (Calendula officinalis) growing in the fields of our supplier Rutland Biodynamics, near Oakham.

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