Should I tell my doctor that I'm taking herbs?

If you are taking herbs on prescription from one of the professional herbalists at Alton & James, you will be positively encouraged to inform your doctor. Most doctors are now well-informed about the professionalism and high quality of training undertaken by qualified herbalists, and herbalists will ideally work with your doctor to provide you with the best possible healthcare. However, if you are taking prescription drugs and want to use herbs bought over the counter, it is most important that you obtain advice on any possible interactions.

A professionally-qualified medical herbalist is the best person to advise you about the safe use of herbs if you are also taking prescription drugs. Professional herbal training includes courses in pharmacology (the study of prescription drugs and how they act in the body) and the National Institute of Medical Herbalists keeps its members fully up to date with the latest knowledge about interactions between herbs and prescription drugs.

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