The supplement I've seen in the health food shop contains 1000mg of the active ingredient. Yours only contains 500mg. Surely the stronger one is better?

There is a lot of misconception about dosage where supplements are concerned. The short answer is, MORE DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN BETTER. There is always an optimum dose for any given supplement or herb. If you take more than the optimim, your body simply excretes what it can't use - which is not only wasteful, but can put unnecessary strain on the liver.

Remember that a supplement manufacturer may simply want you to pay more for their product! Unless a high strength supplement is designated as "slow release" it is usually better to take lower strength preparations more frequently, to ensure that there is a constant effective amount circulating in your bloodstream at all times of the day. The supplements on sale at Alton & James have been carefully selected to give you the most effective dose at high quality and a reasonable price.

A professional medical herbalist is the best person to consult on dosages for herbs.

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