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Welcome to the website of Alton & James, Medical Herbalists.


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Shopfront2000aAbout Alton & James

Alton & James was established in 2000 by professional medical herbalists Robyn James MNIMH and Janet Alton MNIMH. The business partnership comprises a professional herbal clinic, herbal dispensary and shop.

What is Medical Herbalism?

Medical herbalists exclusively use plant-based remedies. The method of treatment is holistic, and aims to correct the underlying imbalances associated with illness.

Herbal medicine is the oldest known form of medicine and so medical herbalists today can draw on many centuries of tradition. The use and efficacy of many herbs has also been investigated by modern scientific research.

All the herbal practitioners at Alton & James abide by the ethical standards of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists which was established in 1864. Membership of this highly respected professional body is restricted to those who have successfully completed three or four years of study at degree level in herbal medicine and the clinical sciences. Members are trained in taking a consultation, in the diagnosis of illness, and in the formulation of herbal prescriptions using age-old traditional principles. They carry full professional indemnity insurance, and are required to adhere to a code of professional ethics and to demonstrate continuing professional development.

As our use of herbs is based on a traditional philosophy of health and understandiing of the causes of disease, it is often better to consult a professional herbalist rather than to self-treat with herbs. We particularly recommend that people with long-term chronic illness come for a consultation rather than self-treating.

Remember ......
Herbal medicines can have powerful effects, and so a professional medical herbalist should be consulted whenever herbal treatment is undertaken by people on conventional medication or with long-term, chronic illness.

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